Tips On How To Grow Your Own Cotton

Yes, it is possible to grow your own cotton and this page intends to give you some tips on cotton growing.

Preparing the Soil for Planting

Cotton seeds are to be planted in a weakly alkaline soil. Therefore, one (1) week before planting, it is strongly recommended to add cement to the soil. It is also better to plant the cotton seeds in a large container since roots tend to grow very long (see below).

About Planting

Planting season is from mid April until the beginning of May (or when the average temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius). The seeds should soak in water during one night before being planted. Note that the seeds should not be planted very deep; there should be just enough soil to cover the seeds completely. The plant should than be placed in a very sunny spot. Water everyday and make sure that the soil is wet at all time; you should never let it dry.

Additional Information

During the first month, it is mainly the roots that will grow while the stem will remain quite small. If you wish to transplant, make sure you do it within 2 weeks of the apparition of the stem. Finally, it should take about 100 days before you can see the white cotton fiber bloom.